Zacharie Lambert

I'm Zacharie Lambert, I was born in a mobile home in the North Norfolk woodland, and I'm a singer-songwriter musician.

I found my artistic passion in the music of Lou Reed, Jesus and Mary Chain, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, and in the words of Jack Kerouac, Philip Larkin, Dylan Thomas and Patti Smith. From these influences I've developed my own artistic style and sound.

Since first emerging on the music scene when I was 12, I've performed on most of the stages in and around Norwich where I'm currently based, including Norwich Waterfront, EPIC Studios, Norwich Arts Centre, Open, and the Bicycle Shop, as well as appearing on BBC Introducing, Future Radio, Radio Norwich, and Mustard TV.

In 2015 when I was 17, I recorded and released my debut EP, a moody five track collection titled The Drifter, after its dark centrepiece; an eerie murder ballad. On this I worked with Daniel Hopkinson at Future Studios in Norwich - a great performer in his own right, Dan helped to produce, mix, and release the EP.

Since then I've continued to write and gig and I have amassed a large repertoire of diverse songs to draw from whilst gigging or busking. In these I've tried to cover a wide range of styles and themes.

I am currently completing the Artist Development Course at Access To Music, and later this year I'm going on to study songwriting at the ICMP in London.  

My self-produced debut album, I Don’t Get Asked To Play At Weddings, will be released in summer of 2017, and I am working on this from home. But until then check out the demos and recordings that I've uploaded onto here, find and follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and get in touch so I can keep you updated on when I'm playing.

Thanks for your time,

Zach x


New Demos - 2017

Below are demos from the album I am currently working on: 
I Don't Get Asked To Play At Weddings

The Drifter EP - 2015

Choose a track from my EP below, turn out the lights, and take a listen.

Pushin' Through - Zacharie
    -        Pushin' Through
The Crystal Night - Zacharie Lambert
    -        The Crystal Night
Not Saying No Forever - Zacharie Lambert
    -        Not Saying No Forever
Difter - Zacharie Lambert
    -        Drifter
Nowhere But Here - Zacharie Lambert
    -        Nowhere But Here

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